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Founded in 1994, TROSA is a licensed, long-term, nonprofit residential treatment program for men and women with substance use disorders. TROSA’s campus is located in Durham but there are no home residency requirements for admissions—we have served residents from all 100 counties in North Carolina. Our therapeutic services are provided by licensed and certified treatment professionals, program graduates, peer leaders, and trained peer support specialists

Since our founding, TROSA has grown in every way possible—most notably in our facilities, our program services, our staff, our community partnerships, and our numbers of residents served. We started in 1994 with 13 residents and last fiscal year (2020-2021) we served 756 residents. TROSA’s staff and evidence-based program have received numerous awards and we are a proud and active member of the recovery community. TROSA is thankful for the many programmatic partnerships established for our residents and the widespread community support we have received over the past two decades. Together, we empower our residents to rebuild their lives.

Mission Statement: 
Our mission: TROSA is an innovative, multi-year residential program that empowers people with substance use disorders to be productive, recovering individuals by providing comprehensive treatment, experiential vocational training, education, and continuing care.

TROSA provides free housing, clothing, meals, and all daily personal care needs; evidence-based counseling and daily therapeutic activities; experiential vocational training; classes on life skills and recovery; health services, including specialty care; education opportunities to earn a GED, take college courses, and earn certifications; continuing care for program graduates; and more. We provide our services at no cost. TROSA is designed as a two-year structured program. Keeping our program free of charge and multi-year provides residents the time, tools, and resources to focus on sustaining recovery.

Our approach is community-minded. We provide a network of men and women in recovery to help support our residents throughout their program. The goal is that participants leave our program with a strong support network and the plans and tools to continue practicing healthy behaviors learned while in treatment.

Current Projects:
Addressing residents’ mental health is a critical component of our program. TROSA employs professional, licensed staff counselors and has a long-standing clinical partnership with Duke University School of Medicine and Duke Psychiatry & Behavioral Health. Through our on-campus staff and our clinical partners, we offer individual and group counseling and specialty care.

After advising treatment programs across the country, TROSA is taking its own first steps towards establishing a new satellite campus, which will be located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. TROSA secured a long-term lease on a facility owned by Forsyth County and broke ground on its new campus construction in April 2021. TROSA looks forward to welcoming residents later this year (2022). The satellite campus will be built in phases, and will reach a maximum capacity of 200 residents. More information about our program and campus satellite plans can be found at