Club Nova Community, Inc.

Club Nova Community, Inc.
103 D West Main St.
Carrboro NC 27510

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Instagram page: @clubnovanc
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Service areas: Chapel Hill/Carrboro area

Mission:  Club Nova provides opportunities for individuals living with serious mental illness to lead meaningful lives of their choice in the community.

● Club Nova is a progressive, financially sound organization, with sufficient staff engaging a diverse, growing membership.
● Club Nova is an exemplary embodiment of the Clubhouse Model.
● Club Nova effects change in how the community views, supports, accepts, and relates to individuals living with mental illness,
greatly reducing stigma associated with mental illness.
● The basic human and civil rights of people living with mental illness are fully respected and upheld.


● The Clubhouse Model is essential in any mental health care system.
● Club Nova is a community that offers opportunities, meaningful work, and meaningful relationships where everyone is treated
with dignity and respect.
● Each member is recognized for his or her individual strengths, abilities, and unique talents.
● We sustain an accepting and caring environment.

History:  Club Nova was founded under the auspices of Orange-Person-Chatham Area Authority (OPC) in 1987 to meet the needs of people living with serious mental illness in Orange and surrounding counties. Our inception was a grassroots initiative of mental health workers and people living with mental illness who became our founding members.

In the early 2000’s, North Carolina privatized mental health services. Members and staff spent time deliberating how to handle these changes before arriving at a consensus. In 2006, Club Nova was divested from OPC and came under the governance of the Board of Directors of Club Nova Community, Inc.

In 2012, Club Nova purchased the property where we have operated since opening, setting the stage to launch a capital campaign for our new building. With our architect guiding the process, plans for our new building were developed by members and staff. We anticipate moving into our new building in the Spring of 2022.

Core Programs:

Healthcare: Club Nova helps members navigate healthcare, ranging from identifying providers, to accompanying them to appointments, to providing decision-making support regarding serious and sometimes life-threatening illnesses.

Crisis Prevention/Intervention: We provide necessary interventions to assure the safety, well-being, and stability of members.

Education: Through helping with admissions, financial aid, and disability offices, we help members in earning a certificate or degree at colleges and universities, and in obtaining their GED/high school diploma.

Employment and Financial Wellbeing: Our employment program provides members opportunities to work in local businesses through transitional, supported, and independent employment.

Work Ordered Day: By participating in all the work necessary to sustain Clubhouse functions, members regain skills, a sense of purpose, self-worth, and confidence–experiences that translate to successful employment.

Health and Wellness: Our members and staff plan and prepare 12,000+ affordable and nutritious meals annually.

Housing: We are committed to securing safe, decent, and affordable housing for all members with our support increasing or decreasing in response to the changing needs of members.

Community Access: We help members access services in the community, such as social and financial services, including obtaining benefits and entitlements.

Outreach: Outreach serves as an early-warning system for members who are experiencing difficulties or not participating in the Clubhouse program, often preventing crisis, hospitalization, or harm.

Community Education and Training: Members are directly involved in training students, law enforcement, and other members of the community. Members speaking from direct experience is a key facet of raising community awareness.