Alberta Professional Services, Inc.

Alberta Professional Services, Inc.
3107 South Elm-Eugene St., Building A
Greensboro NC 27406
Phone (336) 273-2640
Facebook page: Alberta Professional Services
Twitter page: @albertakids

Service areas: We are a statewide agency with locations in Greensboro, Asheville, Asheboro, Chapel Hill, and Wilmington

History: Alberta Professional Services opened their doors in 1991, providing group homes for children. Over the years Alberta Professional Services expanded their services to include Innovation Services for I/DD clients, an adult day program, community advocacy and Therapeutic Foster Care.

Mission: Our mission is something that we truly believe in. Our mission is to improve the independence and quality of life of all persons we serve by maximizing their opportunity for integration into their homes, considering their preferences, cultural backgrounds and other personal traits as well as advocating for their rights to receive the services that they actually need rather than acquiring those that they choose only from what has been made available.

The Alberta Difference is in the partnership we form with our clients and their families; the personal attention we give for those we serve, and the understanding that positive change comes from supportive relationships.

Projects: Our employees and consumers participate in a variety of projects throughout the year like the LEA Sports League program where the consumers participate in an array of sports ranging from basketball to football and bowling. They look forward to their favorite weekly events like Workout Wednesdays and Social Monday and you can’t imagine the fun we have with our drama program where consumers get to showcase their best acting skills. You’ll fall in love with the plays and movies that are shown at various churches and theaters. We always take the time to stop, volunteer and give back to those that are less fortunate. We do this by way of connecting with our community favorites like Church Under The Bridge and supporting those affected by natural disasters.