Easterseals UCP

Easterseals UCP
Website: http://www.eastersealsucp.com/
PH: 1-800-662-7119

Easterseals UCP North Carolina & Virginia is a trustworthy, compassionate partner providing exceptional disability and behavioral health services to help our neighbors live their best lives. Purpose, dedication and empathy drive our service delivery. Our diverse and inclusive 2,300 member team provides more than 9 million hours of meaningful support to 22,000 kids, adults and families in 11,000 home and community locations.

Easterseals UCP is one of the largest non-profit service providers in North Carolina and Virginia dedicated to helping children, adults and families living with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and mental health challenges live their best possible life.

One in six children has a developmental disability. One in five teenagers has a mental health condition while one in five adults will experience mental illness this year. These realities drive us. We believe that individuals living with disabilities and mental illness can be engaged and contributing members of their families and communities when they have the right support.

Each year, Easterseals UCP supports 20,000 families by delivering 9 million hours of direct services and a wide variety of life-changing programs in 140 different locations. We serve as a nurse, a therapist, a social worker, a job counselor, a teacher, a psychologist, a caregiver and compassionate friend all rolled into one.

We make a difference in our communities with a wide variety of programs and services including:
• Autism and Applied Behavioral Analysis
• Camp and Recreation
• Child and Adult Mental Health
• Crisis Intervention
• Early Childhood Outreach
• Employment and Job Readiness
• Home and Community-Based Services (I/DD)• Residential Living
• Therapeutic Foster Care



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