Threshold, Inc

609 Gary Street, Durham, NC 27278
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Our Mission Statement & Core Values

The mission of Threshold is to improve the quality of life for adults with serious mental illness living in Durham County. We are committed to facilitating personal well-being and community involvement through meaningful work and relationships. We put these commitments into practice by providing an environment of opportunities and supports that address the vocational, educational, social, recreational and residential needs of those we serve.

Our History & Background

Threshold Clubhouse was started in June of 1985 by a group of parents in the basement of Watts Street Baptist Church. In the early 1990’s, Threshold moved to its third and present location on Gary Street where it primarily serves the members of East Durham. Since its founding in 1985, Threshold has been an accredited Clubhouse model.

As an accredited Clubhouse, Threshold utilizes evidence-based practices (scientifically based behavioral health interventions) that were first endorsed by the federal government’s Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration (SAMSA) in the spring of 2011. Threshold promotes a sense of pride through belonging, productivity and functionality. Each member’s day is structured through the “work ordered day.” This means that members along with staff must work side-by-side in order to keep Threshold operational.

Every three years, Threshold undergoes a rigorous certification process by Clubhouse International and CARF. CARF accreditation is required in order for Threshold to provide services for Alliance Behavioral Healthcare. Threshold is also licensed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

We service the area of Durham.

Our Current Projects & Mental Health Initiatives

Threshold promotes mental health advocacy throughout the year. Threshold partners with NAMI and other Clubhouses across the State. We partner with the Durham Partner Crisis intervention team to provide emergence response training to individuals in crisis. We are part of the Alliance PSR Collaborative which is an initiative that is ensuring all psychosocial rehabilitation program leaders are CPRP (Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners).