Josh’s Hope Foundation, Inc.

Bridging gaps for young adults with mental illness
P.O. Box 71749, Hillsborough, NC 27278
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Our History & Background

Josh’s Hope was co-founded by Steve and Julie Jarrell Bailey in 2010 following the 2008 murder of their son, Josh, who lived with lifelong mental health issues and learning disabilities. Josh was adopted by the Baileys in 1996 at the age of 8 and lost his Medicaid benefits on his 18th birthday, leaving him unable to consistently access his mental health treatment. Without the former structure in services and supports he formerly had in place, Josh struggled with stability and began to self-medicate. Always wanting to fit-in with others, he was easily exploited. In the end, these things led to him being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people and it cost him his life. The Baileys felt that if there had been a program in place able to offer him structured days with job skills training in a supportive environment, Josh would still be alive. Since no such program existed, they decided to create one. Josh’s Hope serves young adults ages 18-35 who live with a mental health condition or substance disorder, providing vocational training in carpentry and culinary skills for the clients while also providing emotional support and educational workshops for parents.

Josh’s Hope Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Hillsborough, NC, serving residents of Central North Carolina, ages 18-35 who live with mental health conditions or substance disorders. Services include vocational skills, job preparedness, independent life skills and therapeutic supports customized to meet the individual needs of participants.

Co-founders Steve and Julie Bailey selling products made in the JHF workshop at alternative gift market.

Our Current Projects & Mental Health Initiatives

In addition to providing skills training and therapeutic supports, Josh’s Hope helps participants identify resources, build emotional toolkits and develop plans to successfully transition to independent living. We also work with parents, training them in ways to help their child transition to adult services and navigate multiple systems.
Josh’s Hope operates five programs:

1. Tools for Hope – vocational training in woodworking/carpentry
2. Recipe for Hope – training in the culinary arts to function in a commercial kitchen and complete ServSafe Food Handler Certification.  Paused during Covid 19, check website and follow us on Facebook often for updates.
3. Family Hope – provides support, education and community outreach to families raising young adults with mental health conditions or substance disorders
4. Foundations for Hope – provides peer support recovery groups for male inmates while incarcerated at Orange County Detention Center
5. Climbing Hope – provides a summer enrichment program for older adolescents and young adults 16-24 who live with a mental health condition Paused during Covid 19, check website and follow us on Facebook often for updates.

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Serving young adults in the Climbing Hope program.
Recipe for Hope culinary program class.

Family Hope community workshop in QPR