Therapy Cred

8319 Six Forks Road, Suite 203, Raleigh, NC 27615

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Our Mission Statement & Core Values

Therapy Cred is dedicated to helping to improve the clinical skills and knowledge of other therapists working in the field of mental health and addiction. Participants will walk away from each training with a deeper understanding of the topic, as well as with a variety of skills, worksheets, resources, and interventions to help them apply what they learned in sessions with clients.

Hailey Shafir, Chief Strategic Officer

Our History & Background

Therapy Cred is a clinician-owned and operated business that provides continuing education and training on topics related to mental health and addiction. Therapy Cred regularly partners with mental health agencies, universities, hospitals, and other organizations to provide CE’s, clinical supervision, and training for clinical staff. Customizable training packages for clinicians available virtually or on-site.

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Our Current Projects & Mental Health Initiatives

Therapy Cred offers trainings on a diverse range of interesting topics. Some of our recent trainings include ‘The Ethical Uses of Power in Counseling’, ‘Dealing with Resistant Clients’, ‘Understanding Disordered Personalities’ and ‘Managing Impostor Syndrome’. We are also able to provide required trainings on clinical supervision, ethics, and addiction and substance use.