Did you know?
• There are 6 Clubhouses in NC currently using the Clubhouse recovery model:
1. Threshold, Inc. Durham County
2. Club Nova, Orange County
3. Club Horizon, Wake County
4. Adventure House, Cleveland County
5. Connections, Catawba County
6. Sanctuary House, Guilford County

• There are 290 Clubhouses in 32 countries around the world
• The Clubhouse Model is included in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices
• Clubhouses were evaluated on 3 SAMHSA measures – Recovery, Quality of Life, Employment
• Clubhouses Scored 4 out of 4 when assessed for readiness for dissemination

Clubhouse standards provide the basis for assessing quality programs and for creating impactful strategies that address social determinants.

There are currently 37 standards that include:
• Employment
The Clubhouse offers its own Supported and Independent Employment Programs to assist members to secure, sustain, and better their employment.
• Education
The Clubhouse provides opportunities and assistance helping members complete or start their certificate or degree programs at colleges and universities.
The Clubhouse uses the talents and skills of its members and staff to provide tutoring and assistance with school.
• Housing
The Clubhouse is committed to securing a range of choices of safe, decent and affordable housing including independent living opportunities for all members.
• Healthy Lifestyles
Healthy eating is an important component of all Clubhouse programming. Daily home-cooked and low-cost nutritious meals are available to members throughout the year.
• Safety
Clubhouses collaborate with Community Intervention programs to help stop violence and they advocate for Emergency First Responder Training so that individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis receive the support they need.
• Community Supports
Clubhouses advocate for the needs of members, which includes assistance in accessing quality medical, psychological, pharmacological and substance abuse services in the community.

The only health plans in NC that currently pays for Clubhouse services are Medicaid and IPRS State Funding.

Currently Clubhouses operate under the Medicaid category of Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) and Medicaid reimbursement rate only supports 50-65% of NC Clubhouse operational costs.

Clubhouse Advocacy Priorities
• To qualify for a state-wide increased and/or tiered rate that will reflect the cost of services
• To ensure that outcomes that target social determinants are included as reimbursable costs
• To ensure that coordination of care is available to all individuals with SPMI and is part of NC’s billable services

The Clubhouse Model is the 2014 recipient of the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize for doing extraordinary work to alleviate human suffering of people living with serious mental illness.

“There can be no health without mental health.”
– World Health Organization

If you are interested in becoming a Clubhouse or in learning more about Clubhouses, contact Jack Yatsko at Clubhouse International Jyatsko@clubhouse-intl.org or Karen Dunn at karendunn@nc.rr.com.