Caramore Community
550 Smith Level Rd
Carrboro NC 27510

Service areas: Orange County to Statewide


History: Caramore began in 1974, the result of one woman’s vision, unrelenting advocacy, and dedication to her own son who was facing the every day challenges of living with his disability at a time and in a community that wasn’t equipped to provide him or people like him with the resources and support they deserve. In an environment that lacked effective and individualized services, this talented woman took it upon herself to create a program that met the specific needs of both her son and many others. In so doing, she created the framework for what ultimately became Caramore Community. Under her leadership, we were able to open the first group home serving people with mental illness in Chapel Hill (Ephesus Group Home) in 1976. This woman’s name was Caroline Livermore, and she is the namesake of our organization, but much more than that, she is a woman who championed this work for the rest of her life, ensuring that this unique population would have access to the kind of dignity and purpose we all deserve.

Mission: The Vision of Caramore Community is to empower adults to achieve independence by mastering personal goals and connecting residential, vocational, and recovery skills to uphold a purposeful life.
Current Projects, Mental Health Initiatives Vocational and Residential Rehabilitation; Peer Support Services; Supervised Living Low