KidSCope/Durham Head Start

KidSCope/Durham Head Start
800 Eastowne Drive
Suite 105
Chapel Hill NC 27514

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Instagram: KidSCope/Durham Head Start
Twitter: @kidscopenc
Service areas: Orange, Durham, Chatham Counties

Providing services for young children and families

History: KidSCope was created in 1988 to provide services to young children and their families.  KidSCope’s specialized staff provides social-emotional health services for young children, consultation in child care classrooms, parent education, inclusive child care, and resources for families and providers of young children.
Child Care Consultation
KidSCope Outreach Services
Assuring Better Health and Development (ABCD)
Incredible Years Parent Education
Inclusive Child Care Centers

Mission: Our mission is to develop, demonstrate and deliver programs and strategies that will enhance the lives of children, youth and families. Of principal concern to outreach project staff are families in poverty, families caring for the elderly, children with disabilities or chronic illness, and children at risk of abuse and neglect.