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Website: www.apnc.org
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Empowering Professionals. Driving Impact.

History:  APNC started as a group of people in the field of addiction, primarily concerned with addressing the needs of those struggling with alcohol addiction, joining together as rehabilitation centers were built. These people realized that there was a need for a combined effort to promote the needs of citizens of the state in education and rehabilitation.

As more organizations focused on treatment and education were founded, it was recommended that there be an organization that served as a connection point between the various alcohol programs in the state. The informal committee that had joined together and supported one another since the 1950s became an official organization with bylaws in 1961.

Mission:  APNC supports North Carolina experts dedicated to substance use disorders while providing resources and access to world class research. We serve as the unified voice for addiction professionals for all 100 North Carolina counties.

APNC’s Current Projects:  Ongoing legislative advocacy, especially during NC’s legislative session.
Planning and running 2 professional development conferences per year
PFS Grant (sites in various counties focused on prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana use)
Collegiate Recovery (recovery centers on college campuses)
Leadership Academy (programming to build a new generation of health policy advocates)

APNC Staff at our semi-annual conference in Wilmington, NC!