Executive Committee:

Max Shafir, Lead Chair (Therapeutics Inc.)
Karen Kincaid Dunn, Co-Chair (Club Nova)
Jenny Gadd, Co-Chair (Alberta Professional Services)
Linda Foxworth, Co-Chair (Retired KidSCope)

Planning Committee:

Linda Atack (Community Advocate)
Elizabeth Barber (Threshold Clubhouse)
Stanley Cotton (Club Nova)
Hank Elkins (Caramore Community)
Matt Hughes (Town of Hillsborough)
Charlene Lee (Club Nova)
Linwood Webster (Community Advocate)

Advisory Committee:

Valerie Arendt (NASW-NC)
Andrea Whitehouse Chase (Family Advocate)
Julie Bailey (Josh’s Hope Foundation)
Steve Bailey (Josh’s Hope Foundation)
Kay Castillo (NASW-NC)
Corye Dunn (Disability Rights NC)
Barbara Foushee (Town of Carrboro)